Danae Cooney


At 16, Danae had a transformative experience while on a humanitarian trip to Fiji with Rotary. Working in a very remote village to help refurbish a preschool, she saw what it means to live day-to-day in poverty. Danae came back from her time in Fiji convinced that she, in her abundance, has the responsibility to use any position of privilege that she holds to better enhance the lives of those who are in need – no matter whether this is in foreign communities or those in her backyard. Danae knew then that she wanted her career to be a path where her resources, skills and knowledge could be used to transform the lives of others.

Danae is passionate about seeing people reach their potential; seeing the marginalised persons in her community receive the support & guidance they require; seeing every person living a full and happy life. She is ultimately motivated by her faith, believing that every person has innate value and worth, and each person is deserving of love and support.

Danae strongly believes in the work that Interactionz does, mentoring those experiencing marginalisation and isolation, and she is excited that the social enterprise model allows Interactionz to share these successful personal development philosophies further into communities, other organisations and corporate businesses. Danae’s hope is that Interactionz will be able to make a difference in the lives of people throughout New Zealand and further abroad for many years to come.