Janelle Fisher

Quality Practice Leader | Trainer

Having always had a love of people, a strong sense of social justice, and a belief in the responsibility to make a difference in her sphere of influence (instilled by her parents’ values), Janelle’s work at Interactionz is where she feels these things come together. She is passionate about the vision of Interactionz and how it aligns with her personal values of social justice, diversity and inclusion (see Janelle’s digital story).

Janelle is a registered community psychologist who has studied and worked in the disability field since 1990 and held roles in case management in the public sector and research and service leadership in the community sector. She began working with Interactionz in 2008 and her current role as Quality Practice Leader involves leading the Community Team and embedding person driven practice across the organisation.

Janelle is also a trustee of The SILC Charitable Trust and a committee member of the Institute of Community Psychology Aotearoa. She has also held several community governance positions on various boards.

When she is not working or studying, Janelle loves to spend time connecting with her multicultural family and friends and neighbourhood, travelling and exploring new places and meeting new people, and trying to grow a year-round garden at her cottage in Cambridge.