Lisa Clausen

Business Development Leader

Lisa is delighted to be part of Interactionz, an organisation which truly values being of service to others.  Growing the organisation’s opportunities to create more value in the community by supporting people to live their best life, is what drives her and gets her up in the morning.  Lisa feels fortunate to be in a role which brings together her passion for people and building relationships, while aligning with her personal values.

Lisa brings Interactionz a vast amount of experience from varied roles, since she began her working life in the UK.  Since migrating to New Zealand in 2002, she has established start-ups, developed businesses and worked as a consultant and contractor on various projects – mainly learning and development, change management and business improvement.  Lisa has a passion for personal development and until recently worked regularly in her own coaching practice in the Waikato. She is also the founder of (Waikato Times) Big Hearts Charity Ball, which was established in Hamilton in 2007 to benefit cancer-related projects and beneficiaries, locally and nationally.  She then served on the committee for several years and has recently re-joined Kiwanis Kirikiriroa (an international organisation set up with local clubs to help local communities).

She describes herself as a bit of a tomboy who likes to wear make-up, so you may find her enjoying intrepid adventures (such as white-water rafting and trekking in the Himalayas) with her partner Mike and their five children, or perhaps socialising with friends.  Lisa really enjoys cooking for the family and hosting and entertaining around the table.  She says she can regularly be heard encouraging anyone who’ll listen to be all that they can be in life; “Do what you love and just do you! This life is yours to create, and you deserve to make it great.”