Tegan Morris

Board Member

Tegan became involved with Interactionz as a board member in August 2008, following public speaking experiences about living with a physical disability. Tegan says she feels a sense of fulfilment from her contributions to the organisation through her position on the board. She also is proud to say that she believes in Interactionz’s principles, ethics and approach to the services the organisation provides, and that she admires and connects with the staff and other board members. She says she continues to be intrigued and engaged by Interactionz’s innovative positive focus, the opportunity to learn and to contribute to the ground breaking work.

Tegan holds a Bachelor of Social Science, majoring in Human Development. She has worked with several organisations and institutes including; WINTEC, Manawanui, Community Trust, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and many others in various capacities. Her main contribution in these roles has been informing best practice and contributing to policy and processes within these organizations work with the disability community.

Tegan has lived in the greater Waikato for the majority of her life. She uses a wheelchair for mobility and she requires assistance with some general tasks. This life experience has informed her interests and her focus in the disability and social sciences field, along with her passion for public speaking on issues relating to these fields. She also has a passion for advocacy and enjoy providing life skill and confidence mentoring, and really enjoys her work as a public speaker and educator. She creates weekly YouTube videos relating to living a fun, authentic and positive life as a person with a disability with the aim of removing societal misconceptions about what it means to be disabled. In addition, she is a published author with a novel that will be available in August 2016. Tegan enjoys watching YouTube videos and connecting with friends and family through social media, and listening to music which she uses as a relaxation tool. She has also directed a production in the Hamilton Arts festival.