Tom Ringrose

Board Member

Tom is proud that Interactionz has an innovative and progressive approach to working with people who may face barriers to being included in their community. He has been associated with Interactionz for the past 15 years, and says that he has always been impressed with the strong commitment that the organisation has to its values. He says that as a result, when the opportunity arose to join the Board, he accepted without hesitation.

He has been working in the disability sector for 20 years, prior to which he undertook various roles in the public service. Tom has also held the role of CEO of the Disability Resource Centre (HB) Trust since 1997, and has been an Executive member of the National umbrella group (Inclusive NZ) since 2001.

Tom has been married for 42 years, and now has 2 children, and 2 grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys motorsport (as a spectator), travel (not the flying bit), his gardens, and generally just interacting with people.