Our Visualisation Services


From simplifying a complex idea, to summarising reports and presenting data, visually communicating and displaying information in succinct and creative ways is the way of tomorrow!

Infographics are powerful tools when you need to tell a story, or give instructions, in a memorable way that people can understand quickly and easily. Infographics are now a well-accepted tool in a number of places, from the classroom to the boardroom and anywhere in between.

We can support you to:

  • Illustrate your mission, vision or values
  • Raise funds for a business venture or idea
  • Educate an audience
  • Train your employees
  • Grow traffic, customers or followers
  • And a whole lot more.

If you have an important message or story to tell about your business, we can help.

Planning Workshops

We specialise in helping leadership and executive teams, business teams and project teams, to gain direction, clarity, and accountability

It’s easy to let business lead us along, especially when things are going well. There often comes a time when we need to stop, step up, and figure out exactly what the future looks like, then take decisive action towards getting it.

If this is where you, your business, your team, or project is at – now might be a good time to have Interactionz bring your planning process to life, create concrete actions, and engage everyone so they participate, problem-solve and become accountable for getting stuff done.

Our robust, proven processes and planning workshops foster collaboration, alignment and productive dialogue from collective wisdom, to create a visually stimulating and powerful product. 

Our team will help you achieve the focus and motivation you need to get out there and make it happen, by supporting you to create ‘good-to-go’ plans… fast!


The Visualisation Team facilitates all sorts of workshops when there’s serious thinking to do in a group.

Our robust, proven processes, or customised and tailored processes, foster collaboration, alignment and productive dialogue from collective wisdom. Visual facilitation is one of the fastest growing trends around and has been embraced by small business and fortune 500 companies alike.

Need to implement your strategic plan?

Let us support you by work-shopping into the detail from the high-level actions you created on your visual strategic plan, as we facilitate the next process for you and your team.

Taking your plan to the team

Our transformational leadership day is the perfect way to align your team to make sure your plan and its actions are implemented quickly, so you don’t lose momentum when you step back into your business. Our facilitators will support you to work out what you need to do to become a highly-effective team at leading change and ‘getting stuff done’, even when there’s resistance.

Want to understand more about Visual Facilitation?

Watch this video...

Individual Planning

Interactionz was originally drawn to graphic and visual facilitation to assist us in the planning processes associated with our mentoring work. We quickly learned that ‘graphing’ someone’s vision of the way they’d like their life, or business, to be, added hugely to the process. It helped them to dig deeper and to visualise more clearly what was important to them. Just as importantly, it helped the people around them to understand and support the goals. It was quickly becoming apparent that it had far greater potential.

PATH, MAPS and FOCUS are the robust visual planning tools we use, and that are embraced by people up and down New Zealand, and beyond. As long-standing processes, they are proven graphic facilitation tools for ‘big picture’ and whole-of-life planning for individuals, and Interactionz also uses these tools with groups. 

Each tool involves a co-facilitated process to develop a comprehensive plan in pictorial form that explores an individual’s aspiration for a good life and identifies action steps to achieve positive and possible outcomes.

The graphic facilitation process means that these are accessible planning tools for all persons, regardless of communication abilities.

Visual planning for individuals is often purchased by organisations, as well as individuals, for all sorts of reasons and different people. Here are a few:

  • Professional sports people – still in their profession or retired, to help them develop life goals outside of their sporting life
  • People changing career, to help them explore a different future
  • School leavers, to support them to discover what they want from life
  • People going through change or restructure in organisations, to support them to see their good life beyond the organisation
  • People looking for direction and purpose.

Strategic Planning Workshops

Interactionz works with boards and leadership, executive and management teams across New Zealand to facilitate planning workshops in a very special way.

Whether a small, large or corporate business, community organisation or not-for-profit, we facilitate planning workshops that are:

  • Structured
  • Focused
  • Creative
  • Positive
  • Fun and engaging
  • Inclusive
  • Visually stimulating
  • Results focused.

Our strategic planning workshops use powerful planning processes which are relaxed and interactive, with a visual recorder ‘graphing’ your future in colourful hand-drawn images and a process facilitator guiding you with questions to catalyse your thinking as you create your plan. Then our expert facilitators map out the steps that you decide you need to take to put your plan into action. It’s energising and empowering, with your team in the driver’s seat.

Live Illustration

Our visual recorders and illustrators work in ‘real’ time, creating a visual depiction of keynotes, workshops, meetings and events on large sheets of paper attached to the wall where everyone can see it evolve.

Science shows that visuals help people understand and buy-in to an idea or vision. 

When you show off your content and create a more instinctive connection with your audience by using images, you’ll also be sure to keep them engaged and wanting more.

You’re left with a bright and colourful representation of what’s been said at your event – ready to decorate your walls.  You get a digital version too so you can distribute your very useful  communication tool.

Strategy Communication

Effectively communicating strategy is key to gaining a shared understanding and vision within a team or between stakeholders. Choosing to support your strategy communication with a visual representation fosters engagement, clarity and inspiration.

No matter how complex or wordy your message, we can illustrate your strategy or key communication messages, helping your audience grasp quickly what might take hundreds of words to explain.

Talk to us to find out more about how we can help you communicate strategy through the power of visuals. 

Change Management

As you cannot over-communicate when you are asking your organisation to change, and your team will most likely never be 100% happy with communication, it may pay to look outside what you usually do and work more creatively.

Communication is one of the toughest issues and creating shared meaning, one of the cornerstones of effective communication, can be a challenge.

Planning in a group, being facilitated using visual tools, is a collaborative way to work which engages every participant and produces an excellent communication tool at the end.

Introducing illustration, either live during meetings and events, or by the creation of infographics, are other ways to communicate to a range of people in a way that will resonate with everyone. Imagery is very compelling!

Team and Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging stakeholders early will often ensure success of a project or organisational change, and so what are the best ways to do that?

Involving people in processes where they are included, can contribute and collaborate, is a way of aligning everyone - which can often be like steering an ocean liner!  Working visually can be a fantastic strategy for developing effective stakeholder engagement and is an excellent way to foster engagement for projects, and aligning project goals with business goals.

Our facilitation team utilises a number of sound and powerful planning processes to assist with team and stakeholder engagement, and we also provide customised facilitation workshops, catered to the needs of the business.

What customers say...

“We were delighted with the contribution that Interactionz made to our most recent conference.  Not only are they incredibly skilled at what they do, synthesising information quickly and in a visually appealing way, they are a pleasure to deal with.  They were professional, helpful, flexible and friendly, and added an extra dimension to the delegate experience.  Thank you!”

Gabrielle O'Brien - Executive Manager, ILANZ

"The members of The Hamilton Community Men’s Shed were impressed with the professionalism of the Interactionz team at their recent FOCUS planning session. We only had four hours to complete the process and this time was managed superbly with all present being able to contribute in meaningful ways. The graphic display unfolding as we progressed clearly demonstrated the way forward.  We now have this displayed at the shed as both a reminder of strategic direction and as a communication device for members who weren’t present. Thank you Interactionz."

John Smith - Secretary, Hamilton Community Men’s Shed

“Our board and senior management at ConneXu recently carried out our annual strategic planning process with an eye to the long term future of the business. We used the Interactionz process FOCUS. I have lead and been involved in strategic planning in very large billion dollar corporates, charities, and small businesses for 30 years...I have to say that, without question this is the best process I have ever been involved in. It covers off the critical aspects of business strategy and the illustrative process is an amazing and unique addition that is so powerful. After doing this I now believe all businesses should use the power of images and pictures to tell their story. Well done guys - brilliant”.

Bob Weir - Chair, ConneXu Board

"Seed Waikato had the privilege of working with the Interactionz team at our Dreamshop event, and the Visualisation Services provided incredible value for our young people. We know people learn in different ways, and visualising the golden nuggets from our inspirational leaders was a great way to meet the needs of our community. The team was professional and worked well with our team."

Gemma Major - Co-founder and Chair, Seed Waikato

Thank you for working with us to create an illustration which simply and accurately reflects the complex drivers and multiple work streams of the Education Team.

Jenny Davis - Education Team, Waikato Regional Council

“MAP is very effective as a planning tool, seeing our thoughts and words depicted graphically – I hadn’t seen that done before. It was great to visualise where we have come from and where we would like to go. It was also good to open up some hard conversation which as a result has led to working together as a team (even though it was painful couple of days). I thought it was a valuable and meaningful exercise and so much better than screeds of paper we will never look at again. Our map is on the office wall and we all refer to it and discuss at our weekly meeting. All we want now is another session to really get down to the nitty gritty road map. Thanks for being great facilitators and coaching a plan out of us!”

Jason Dawson – CEO, Hamilton Waikato Tourism

“We are very grateful for the excellent work that your good organisation has done for our workshop. Janelle and Andrea were superb and delivered a very professional service that our workshop participants were really impressed with and greatly admired.” 

Tiofilusi Tiueti – Chief Executive, PASAI (Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions)

"Interactionz recently facilitated our inaugural strategic summit for 30 people and provided a graphic recording of the process and outcomes. Their approach and the result couldn’t have been better. We came away with clarity, alignment and a brilliant image which successfully captured on one page where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we want to go. 

"It was...an innovative alternative to a tedious,  lengthy and wordy document that few will read and even fewer will be inspired by."  Read more...

Susan Houston - Executive Officer, Economic Development NZ