Love, Loss and Support

It is always a fear that sits deep down in every Community Mentor’s heart that at some point a tragedy will strike either one of the people we serve, or the people they are closest to. It happened this year when a person’s mother became unwell and was given only a short time to live. Due to the time constraints and the distance away that she lived, Interactionz had to move fast and decisively to give mother and son the last chance to be together and quickly put plans in place to make it happen.

It was a week before she died that I accompanied the person to Taupō to give them the chance to spend some quality time with their mother. They spent time talking and crying, laughing and holding each other. It was extremely emotional and moving, but everything the two of them could wish for in the circumstances. I clearly remember and will never forget his mum holding my hand and thanking us for making this happen and for the previous twenty years we had been supporting her son. I hope, and I am sure that it gave her comfort to know, that we would be there for him in the future even though she couldn’t be.

Interactionz also supported the person to go to his mother’s funeral a few weeks later, and once again, Paula and I were there to help him get through his day. I was very moved as many of the family and friends went out of their way to thank Interactionz for their support.

I am very proud to be part of an organisation that goes that extra mile when it is needed. There is nothing more heartbreaking than a loss like this, and to be given the opportunity to support the person through it has been very special for me personally. The person still talks about their last visit and how special it was and that is something that will always give me a sense of satisfaction and peace.

Written by Andrew - Community Mentor