Community support powered by business

Interactionz is a social enterprise, which means we are a commercial entity that is working for community good.

As a social enterprise, we have a social purpose, and ours is to address the social problem that gets in the way of our vision.  Interactionz recognises that not all people have the same opportunities to access and be included in the life of their communities, and we seek to address this need by facilitating opportunities that both help people explore and experience what they want from life and contribute to building communities where all can thrive.  We do this through providing Mentoring and Training services to build capacity with individuals and community organisations. Surplus from our Visualisation services are channelled directing into providing these services.  

When we achieve this social outcome, we also create social impact.


Our personalised mentoring service is designed to help persons with disabilities take practical steps to develop the skills needed to overcome barriers and work toward living a more self-determined, rewarding and independent life in the community.

Training services

Our qualified educators deliver facilitated learning experiences to community organisations to develop your team’s skills and improve the way your organisation delivers services so the people you serve can live a more rewarding life as part of the community.

By educating others we spread those benefits to the largest number of people, in the shortest possible time.

Visualisation services

Our talented Visualisation Team can bring your ideas to life in many different ways; Live Illustration, Strategic Planning, Strategic Communication and Infographics, to name a few...

We work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve, before recommending the best service to meet your needs.

Our vision

“People leading lives that have meaning to them in communities where all can thrive.”

Our Values

Being of service

This is about shifting the balance of power to the people we mentor and away from us as a service, and us as staff. It requires us to work intentionally to allow people to be heard. When we are mentoring, we are interested in what is important to the person and what they would like to achieve rather than our own ideas and needs. This value aligns with our ‘person-driven practice’.


Care is the effort we make and the consideration we give to both people and issues. We care about the individuals we mentor, the staff we employ and the communities we are part of. We care about personal, social and political issues that impact on the people we care about.


Sometimes we take the easy road by not questioning the right or wrong of something, simply because we do not want to ‘make waves’. If we are to be true to our vision and values, we are going to have to be courageous and stand up for what is right and just for people. This may mean challenging the thinking of not just ourselves, but of each other and the wider community.


Professionalism is about recognising that we are paid to provide a service and that this requires a high level of awareness of our own behaviour and how it impacts on others.


This requires that all people have equal rights and opportunities. This includes everyone, from the poorest person on the margins of society, to the wealthiest; everyone deserves an even playing field where each person has access to what they need to fully participate in society.

“I’m so proud of our team and the work we do across all three areas of our organisation – Mentoring, Training and Visualisation Services. Every time organisations buy our services they’re giving back and making a difference, and for that we’re very grateful.”

Lynda Millington, Chief Executive