Training Services

We provide mentoring and facilitation training and tools to enhance the services organisations provide into the community.

We deliver learning experiences to community organisations New Zealand-wide to develop teams and improve the delivery of their services. Our courses are vibrant and inclusive, teaching practical skills that support existing processes. Through educating and upskilling teams of facilitators and mentors, organisations are better equipped to create communities where all can thrive. 

It’s when we work together that we do the most good.

Training the Interactionz way

With the benefit of many years’ practical, hands-on experience in the community, we know what works and what doesn’t. Watch this short video to see how learning with us will benefit your team and your impact. 

“The atmosphere created by the facilitators was very non-judgmental in every way. There were no egos in the room to get in the way. It was presented simply and I grasped the concepts. When I questioned a point, the facilitators answered the question or query honestly and I was never made to feel like I was stupid at any time. They created a space I believe we felt safe in. Well done!!” 

- Training participant

Interactionz's journey towards person-driven practice

The idea of 'person-driven practice' started 20-years ago when I  took on the task of leading Interactionz (or Hamilton Workshops and Training Centre) as it was known then. Of course it did not haveRead more

Tevita – a man with a plan

Many young men grow up dreaming of becoming like their Dad, and Tevita is not any different. He dreamt of following his Dad’s shared interest in music, having a paying job and being able to beRead more

Mark – on the PATH to independence and happiness

In five years Mark’s* (not his real name) life journey has seen a significant turn-around. When he originally came to Interactionz he struggled with managing his temper and self-control when thingsRead more

Margaret – mastering independent travel

All her life, Margaret (not her real name) has challenged expectations. She learned to read when she started school, and by age six could recognise more than 50 words. Two years ago, Margaret left hoRead more

Luke – confidence and communication skills flourish together

Luke* (not his real name) used to spend his life in isolation. He was painfully shy, avoiding contact with others; instead keeping himself in self-imposed exile in his bedroom. Like other teenagers, Read more

Kemara –embracing his heritage

To have pride in ourselves and a sense of identity is something we all strive for, and for many, it is hard to achieve. However, this vision is becoming a reality for Kemara – since he startedRead more

Blossom – opportunities bloom

Life is really blooming for Blossom these days. Embracing her independence, she has a new enthusiasm for life as she realises that more things are possible and available. Blossom, now finds herselfRead more

Nigel – finding the key to open up his world

Many of us take our lives for granted; the ease with which we move around and interact with people in shops and on streets, and form relationships with people at work and school – most of us mingleRead more
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