Volunteer Week

Each year New Zealand celebrates National Volunteer Week to recognise and celebrate the vital contribution of New Zealand’s approximately 1.2 million volunteers, in areas as diverse as social development, the economy and the environment.‘Live, laugh, share – volunteer’ is the theme this year, which helps capture the heart-felt appreciation we feel when people come together to build stronger, more vibrant communities through volunteer service.

Interactionz celebrated National Volunteer week with an afternoon tea with our own awesome volunteers to say thank you very much for all they do.  Interactionz philosophy of engaging natural and community supports to be alongside people is vital for us to achieve our vision of ‘people leading lives in communities where all can thrive’.

It was incredibly fitting when one of our volunteers accepted her gift, and she commented that she got just as much out of her volunteering role as she hoped the person she volunteers with gets.

Big thanks to all our volunteers.