Working directly with people with disabilities

We receive funding from the Ministry of Social Development to provide services. To be eligible for a funded service you need to be:

  • Currently living in New Zealand.
  • A New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident, or hold an appropriate open work permit, or be recognised as a refugee or protected person.
  • Aged 16 years and over, or over 65 and not qualified to receive New Zealand Superannuation (note: people placed in employment before age 65 may continue to receive ongoing support to maintain this employment from the Provider).
  • Have a disability/ies or health condition that is/are likely to continue for a minimum of six months, and present a barrier to participation and inclusion; require support to address this barrier, or require assistance in addition to that provided by the Ministry’s mainstream services. This support or assistance may be ongoing.

Exceptions to the eligibility criteria are:

  • When a person qualifies for support to participate in the community (i.e. vocational or social rehabilitation) that is funded by the Accident Compensation Corporation.
  • When a person is eligible for community day services that are funded by the Ministry of Health for: people who were deinstitutionalised under formal deinstitutionalisation plans, people with high and complex needs and an intellectual disability (whether or not they’re receiving care under the Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) Act 2003).
  • When a person is still enrolled at a secondary school.

Contact us today to discuss whether you are eligible for funding. We’ll be pleased to develop a personalised approach to best suit your needs.