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The gift of giving

Our Volunteer Community Supports rock!  Some of the people we mentor welcome additional support from people in the community who assist them in achieving their goals. These people are known as our Volunteer Community Supports.  They give freely of their time and their skills, and most believe they get back as much as they give. 

A key part of our mentoring philosophy is to develop natural supports for people by using a combination of existing relationships and building new ones around them. This supports our Lightest Touch principle, which means that we look first to what supports the person has in their life already, then look for ways we can strengthen their circle of support. To do this we seek out honest and reliable community members who are willing to contribute freely of their time to support a person to achieve their goals and aspirations.

How we work with volunteers

Volunteer Community Supports are matched carefully to a specific person or project, usually based on a particular skill or shared interest.  The time involved varies from person to person – some contribute just a few hours a month while others have more regular contact, it’s entirely up to you. Similarly, some people are involved for a one-off project while others enjoy ongoing relationships.

To ensure the well-being of the people we mentor and our team all of our volunteers are screened. They are given training suitable for the role that they are to be undertaking and receive ongoing support and guidance from the Interactionz team.

How can I become a volunteer Community Support?

The first step is simply to give us a call and have a chat. Once we know more about your interests and how you’d like to be involved we’ll see if we can match you with someone we mentor.

Tel: 07 859-0249