What clients say...

Susan Houston - Executive Officer, Economic Development NZ

"Interactionz recently facilitated our inaugural strategic summit for 30 people and provided a graphic recording of the process and outcomes. Their approach and the result couldn’t have been better. We came away with clarity, alignment and a brilliant image which successfully captured on one page where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we want to go.

"It was spot on for the audience on the day, and has also been perfect for sharing our goals with the wider audience since. The pictogram has already been shared around the country, sparking lots of useful conversations – an innovative alternative to a tedious,  lengthy and wordy document that few will read and even fewer will be inspired by.  The pictogram also provides the perfect starting point for when we regroup in 12 months to assess progress and decide on next steps.

"The summit was unique in NZ’s history involving CEO’s from public and private agencies charged with economic growth.  We knew it would, potentially, be difficult to achieve stronger strategic alignment between the national, regional and local organisations present. But equally,  we knew if we could collectively forge an agreed vision, mission and goals it would ultimately reflect in a more effective and efficient economic development ecosystem that could have a significant impact on the New Zealand economy.

"We chose Interactionz because they have an innovative approach to the facilitation of strategy. They understand how the brain works and use that knowledge to guide how they structure the process. They were meticulous in the way they researched and planned the day and facilitated in a way that retained control while allowing flexibility where necessary. Our attendees were all bright, driven, passionate people. Interactionz rapidly appreciated that and adjusted their facilitation to the culture, skills and experience in the room.

 "It was also obvious in the subsequent evaluation of the day that they respected all views which meant that everybody felt heard.

"Their understanding of the brain’s working also prompted many ‘’state changes’ throughout the day with people at times working in groups, sometimes as individuals and others as one group.  The same knowledge enabled them to unlock the collective and individual creativity by encouraging attendees to draw their response to searching questions such as “What does the way we currently work look like to you?  Where do you want it to be?” Drawing uses the creative parts of the brain, unlocking an innovative, almost childlike space and whilst it was obvious from the resulting drawings that everyone had slightly different visions there were common threads underpinning them all. The process of alignment felt natural, safe and constructive - with everyone feeling they had contributed and had been part of a valuable exercise.

"The subsequent evaluations from attendees have all been extremely good – and it is clear that the Interactionz team are very highly thought of by all who attended the summit.

"The agreed goals are already being progressed and are already having ramifications in how we work. I’m confident that this will deliver a more aligned, efficient and effective economic development eco-system. If I could pick up a pen and draw an image of how we collectively thought of Interactionz it would look like this."