Building communities where all can thrive​

Interactionz is a charity and our purpose is to work with individuals, organisations and businesses to envision the future they want and create their pathway forward.


Our personalised mentoring service is designed to help persons with disabilities take practical steps to develop the skills needed to overcome barriers and work toward living a more self-determined, rewarding and independent life in the community.

Training Services

Our qualified educators deliver facilitated learning experiences to community organisations to develop your team’s skills and improve the way your organisation delivers services so the people you serve can live a more rewarding life as part of the community.

By educating others we spread those benefits to the largest number of people, in the shortest possible time.

Visualisation services

Our talented Visualisation Team can bring your ideas to life in many different ways; Live Illustration, Strategic Planning, Strategic Communication and Infographics, to name a few...

We work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve, before recommending the best service to meet your needs.

Our Social Impact

Interactionz recognises that not all people have the same opportunities to access and be included in the life of their communities, and we seek to address this need by facilitating opportunities that both help people explore and experience what they want from life and contribute to building communities where everyone can thrive.

Through our Mentoring Services we create opportunities for individuals to be participating and contributing citizens to ensure  “People are leading lives of meaning doing everyday things, in everyday places, with everyday people, at everyday times through mentoring from Interactionz”.

Through our Training Services we build capability and capacity of organisations to fulfil their identified impact purpose. We contribute to providers to build capability to grow teams of competent and confident community mentors.

Through our Visualisation Services we provide offerings that assist organisations and businesses to communicate and connect with a visual output.

A Greenhorn Community Mentor

When I first met [Mr E] I was still pretty green, and I must admit it was a bit terrifying to be in his presence. I had read the notes and the various medical situations he had been in and was unsureRead more

Love, Loss and Support

It is always a fear that sits deep down in every Community Mentor’s heart that at some point a tragedy will strike either one of the people we serve, or the people they are closest to. It happenedRead more

A Conversation with our Rock Stars

I decided to take some time today to have a chat with the people that frequent our “Common-Interest” group. Rather than a boring conversation about tea and biscuits, we decided on anRead more

Tegan Morris - The Ripple Effect

The ‘iconic and legendary’ Tegan Morris was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and faced many challenges, but her unexpected and sudden passing was a shock to her family, friends, and woRead more

Learning. Unlearning. Relearning.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” - Alvin Toffler. Writer, Futurist, Businessman (1928-2016) Read more

Philosophy of Visual Planning

We’ve all heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and our brains are good at processing and understanding visual images. That’s one reason why businesses take great careRead more

Interactionz's journey towards person-driven practice

The idea of 'person-driven practice' started 20-years ago when I  took on the task of leading Interactionz (or Hamilton Workshops and Training Centre) as it was known then. Of course it did not haveRead more

Tevita – a man with a plan

Many young men grow up dreaming of becoming like their Dad, and Tevita is not any different. He dreamt of following his Dad’s shared interest in music, having a paying job and being able to beRead more

Mark – on the PATH to independence and happiness

In five years Mark’s* (not his real name) life journey has seen a significant turn-around. When he originally came to Interactionz he struggled with managing his temper and self-control when thingsRead more

Margaret – mastering independent travel

All her life, Margaret (not her real name) has challenged expectations. She learned to read when she started school, and by age six could recognise more than 50 words. Two years ago, Margaret left hoRead more

Luke – confidence and communication skills flourish together

Luke* (not his real name) used to spend his life in isolation. He was painfully shy, avoiding contact with others; instead keeping himself in self-imposed exile in his bedroom. Like other teenagers, Read more

Kemara –embracing his heritage

To have pride in ourselves and a sense of identity is something we all strive for, and for many, it is hard to achieve. However, this vision is becoming a reality for Kemara – since he startedRead more